Learn what satisfied couples are saying about Paul and Marriage and Communication Made Simple...

If you have trouble communicating with your husband, wife, domestic partner or significant other, and don’t have time for “therapy”, I highly recommend Paul Zohav. His unique, loving yet rigorous coaching style has succeeded where counselors haven’t in my relationship.

-Annemarie K.

Paul Z has a unique approach to relationship coaching that I found helpful and effective. I gained new ``tools`` for communication that I have been able to translate into better relationships with my partner, children, friends, coworkers and clients. By practicing his skills, I went from feeling often unsure and unheard to being empowered and in alignment with who I am. This work has been invaluable for me, I would highly recommend it for everyone.

- Julie N.

I feel that Paul has an excellent method for coaching for communication. He was able to get us talking in ways we haven't been able to before. We'd gone to traditional counseling and frankly, it was a disaster. Paul's method makes so much more sense. I highly recommend him.

- Janine H.

Paul is an excellent choice for premarital coaching even if you are happily engaged, he will teach you to love your partner and your ``us`` relationship on a whole new level. His services are well worth the small cost, perfect marriage gift idea instead of that new kitchen gizmo! Thanks Paul!

- Al. H.

My husband and I didn't have the best communication when it came to solving problems. Paul was able to give us the tools we needed to workout our issues and it became a two way conversation! He also gave us strategies to thank each other for the little things to help build our relationship. We can't thank Paul enough for all his help!

- Erika B.

``Love is patient, love is kind and love it a lot of work. Through his patience and insight, Paul Zohav helped us literally work through a crisis in our relationship. He gave us the tools to address issues that we had been dealing with over and over before. We both appreciate his faith-inspired view of the world, and his focus on acknowledgement in human relationships. He encourages mutual respect in addressing differences - and we will use some of his techniques in our life journey together in the future. We would recommend him to other couples and families who are dealing with life's challenges.``

- Gail

Under Paul's patient, insightful guidance, my wife and I have learned simple-yet-amazing communication skills that have made life so much better for us as a couple -- and for our entire family! It's truly remarkable how robustly love and happiness grows in a household whose family members are practicing a little better communication with one another.

- Jim P.